This page is being updated continually in an effort to provide current information. Updated 1/12/2013 First and most important – You should not pay for mortgage assistance.  There are too many free options that are available for you to keep you home.  Before you pay anyone for mortgage assistance, foreclosure prevention or anything similar, please visit the Federal Trade Commissions’ site on the subject. We’ve assisted many homeowners keep their home.  If you’re serious about working to keep you home, there are programs that provide assistance but you have to work.  If you think this is quick and easy, don’t be mistaken.  This process takes lots of time, creates lots of frustration and should be compared to other government programs.  Have you seen TV commercials where attorneys are advertising their services for obtaining social security disability benefits?  Now think about the last commercial where attorneys offer services to assist with applying for loan modifications.  If you’re having trouble thinking of one, we are as well.


Loss Mitigation Options

  • Forbearance
  • Special Forbearance (FHA Loans)
  • Loan Modification
  • Partial Claim (FHA Loans)
  • Short Sale, Pre-Foreclosure Sale
  • Deed in Lieu, Cash for Key, and several other terms